curated by Adam Fitzgerald

Monday, February 2, 2009

Consolation: Roses

to N. A.

in your presence even the toes
are as if they remembered!

and the mind more strongly
pierces our head
in your presence!

and together perhaps you are that
they drew out:

of one kind - in one mystery:

deposit of genius in flowers
and mind -
primal layer!

and all - in the presence of one that separates!
and just the same
even here:

as in the presence of the human -
oh it is risky to tell of it! -
in the presence of what is not spoken -

of such:
almost non-existent:

it almost whitens -
as if barely thought of

almost alone -
as if it barely is


by Gennady Aygi (1934-2006)
Translated by Peter France