curated by Adam Fitzgerald

Monday, February 16, 2009

Light is the first animal of the visible.

Light was the first animal of the visible, then
stumbled. Your room in The Glass Tavern, a view of

heel clicks heel clicks heel clicks


(Sad now. Who-will-feed-you-the-evening-spoon.)

Swept many thin things are
sideways in blue and pink
with whose broom, the evening sky
              grand not speaking not a question

O the question. You travel?

We could say: swallows have found their throats again.
You sleep at an open window. At earth’s center a certain
someone discovers then forgets the function of arms

on a clock. You?

—The hurry to embrace.

Notes: The title is after José Lezama Lima in "Material Memoria": "La luz es el primer animal visible de lo invisible." Line 11 is after Malachi Black, April 2006: "The swallows have lyrics scratching at their throats."

by Ana Božičević